History of California Health Freedom Coalition

CHFC is an all volunteer organization composed of practitioners and consumers of complementary and alternative health services.

We were originally inspired by the passage of Health Freedom legislation in Minnesota on May 11, 2000. The author, a visionary attorney named Diane Miller, came to California that Fall and spoke to small groups of practitioners and consumers interested in Minnesota’s unique approach to legitimizing alternative and complementary health practices.

By early 2001, a small steering committee was organized. In short order, CHFC was incorporated, an attorney was retained to draft the legislation, and a lobbyist was hired to find a sponsor and shepherd our bill, SB-577, through the California State Senate and Assembly. CHFC decided on a web-based grassroots support effort that mobilized thousands of California voters to send emails, letters, faxes, and make phone calls to their representatives at crucial moments in our campaign.

All of that effort paid off when Governor Davis signed SB-577 on September 23, 2002 and credit for this victory goes to everyone who contributed their valuable time and resources.