Why you should support CHFC with a contribution

  1. Because, as a practitioner or consumer of complementary and alternative health practices in California, you will benefit enormously from the implementation of SB-577. Click the links above to read how.
  2. Because CHFC needs a solid organizational foundation to protect and implement the legislation to the fullest extent in California.
  3. Because, like public television, we rely on everyone who benefits from this legislation making a “fair share” contribution as the price we pay for bringing CAM practices into the mainstream.
  4. Because, like “shareware” software, if you believe our downloadable Compliance Package documents are worthwhile, you should consider paying for them.
  5. Because CHFC is an all volunteer organization and with your support you will inspire those stalwarts who have put in thousands of hours of unpaid effort over the past two years to continue fighting for access to health care alternatives.