Our health freedom bill, SB577, will pass through its first committee vote on January 14! We need your faxes now!

We expect SB577 to pass through the entire legislative process in the first half of 2002. Now is the time for SB577 supporters to start contacting their representatives.

Our first hurdle is the Business and Professions Committee of the State Senate. They will vote on SB577 on JANUARY 14, 2002.

Action Item: Write or (preferably) fax the state senators on the Business and Professions committee today. Here are suggested sample letters.

What’s Next?

Depending on the outcome of the January 14 vote, SB577 will either move through other Senate committees or move directly to a complete Senate vote — possibly by the end of January.

Action Item: By mid January, every SB577 supporter should write their own state Senator. Contact information and a suggested sample letter are supplied. (Link to sample letter and contact info for all senators). Direct email reminders will also be sent out.

After the Senate votes are complete (and hopefully successful!), SB577 will move into the Assembly. This will be an even tougher battle. So stay tuned!