SB577 on the final stretch — the Assembly and the Governor in August 2002

SB577 on the final stretch — the Assembly and the Governor in August 2002!

SB577 rounded the difficult bend of the Assembly health committee and passed with flying colors! Now we head into the full Assembly vote, which will take place in August, most likely before August 15.

Thanks to all of you who have already contacted your Assembly representative. If you have not already done so, please send a fax, letter, or call your representative at their Capitol office in Sacramento. Tell them that you are a constituent, that you support the right to use alternative medicine, and ask them to vote in favor of SB577, California’s health freedom bill.

After the (hopefully successful!) Assembly vote, SB577 must return to the Senate floor for a quick vote to OK the various amendments that were added by the Assembly health committee. We anticipate no problems there. Then it’s off to Governor Gray Davis for signature.

We anticipate that Governor Davis could have SB577 on his desk as early as August 15 and no later than the middle of September.

Now is the time for you to begin writing, faxing, and calling the Governor to ask for his signature on SB577. You will soon receive an email with all pertinent information in this last campaign. And it’s still not too late to ask all your friends to sign up at

We’re almost there folks! This is a historic moment for American health freedom rights. All of the state health freedom movements have their eyes on us in California. Minnesota passed in 2000, Rhode Island passed earlier this year, and with all of your help, California will be next!

Finally,please dig deep and send a contribution today to the CHFC. We still have over $70,000 in debts to pay! Your financial support is essential in helping us win health freedom for all Californians.