Well, folks, we’ve done it. With your help, SB577 has now passed both the California Senate and the California Assembly! Celebrations are definitely in order!!

But we’re not quite done yet. First the bill must return to the Senate floor for a quick vote to OK the various amendments that were added by the Assembly health committee. Then it’s off to Governor Gray Davis for signature.

We anticipate that Governor Davis will have SB577 on his desk next week.

It’s not too late for those of you who haven’t already, to fax and call the Governor to ask for his signature on SB577. You will soon receive an email with all pertinent information in this last campaign.

We’re almost there folks! This is a historic moment for American health freedom rights. All of the state health freedom movements have their eyes on us in California. Minnesota passed in 2000, Rhode Island passed earlier this year, and with all of your help, California will be next!

Finally, please show your gratitude for all the hard work done to make SB577 a reality. Dig deep and send a contribution today to the CHFC. We still have over $70,000 in debts to pay! Your financial support is essential.